Check out ways to give at LWC and how LWC gives

Why Should I Give?

  • Giving is an expression of love and allows us to thank God for His provision.
  • Tithes and Donations make the ministry of Living Word Chapel possible.
  • Giving reflects commitment

How Does LWC Give?


Once a year, we Serve Our Cities by closing the doors of the church on a Sunday and investing our time, talent, and resources into our communities. Together, we have cleaned, painted, and renovated schools, streets, and public areas within our communities.


We currently support over 13 missionaries and organizations in their efforts to bring Jesus to all corners of the globe.

Missions We Support

  • Converge Southwest
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • Gideons International
  • Global CHE Enterprises
  • Little Hooves and Big Hearts
  • Mission Door
  • Nothing But Grace
  • Partners In Action
  • Rocky Point Family of God
  • United Indian Mission
  • World Vision
  • World Venture
  • Wycliffe Bible Translator

How Can I Give?

There are four ways to give to LWC.



Gifts can be dropped off in the giving boxes at each campus

during all services.


All gifts are processed via the Oracle Campus.

Write your campus name on the check or envelope to ensure your gift goes to the correct campus.

3941 W Hwy 77

Oracle, AZ 85623

Give Stocks